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The miniTeller allows you to make direct payments from your bank account to your favorite online merchants, all from the comfort of your own home with the utmost security.

No more interest rates!
No more credit card bills!
No more lengthy forms you need to fill out.
No more hassles when you place an online order.
No longer need to use your credit cards needlessly.
No more worrying about who is viewing your information - your information is never entered online!

You no longer need to enter sensitive information such as your card information online. The miniTeller reads the information in real-time and the info is not viewed or stored by anyone, and can not be compromised.

Eliminate Your Risk
Eliminate Online Fraud

Eliminate Identity Theft


Save hundreds of dollars each year by
purchasing online with the miniTeller

Take advantage of our periodic special online promotions
exclusively geared towards the miniTeller

No longer pay high credit card interest rates.

IMPORTANT: Read The Miniteller FAQ

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